Why Choose Katie Van Gilst?

  • Vast Experience & Expertise
  • Tailored, Realistic & Flexible Approach
  • Outstanding Client Feedback
  • Affordably-Priced
  • Covered By Many Insurance Plans
Our team has specialized training in numerous areas and many years of experience, delivering nutrition programs of the highest quality.
We use a real-life approach to nutritional counseling. Our practitioners cater to your individualized needs, goal(s), food preferences, budget, lifestyle, cultural and religious restrictions, and more.
Our team receives high praise from clients for exceptional client service and support throughout the process.
Given the incredible value our clients receive, our services are affordably priced. We offer packages for all budgets.

Although we are not covered by OHIP, many extended healthcare benefits offer coverage for a Nutritionist

  • Discover what it feels like to have a personal nutritionist at your disposal to answer any questions with science-backed information
  • Has your diet been analyzed by food & nutrition experts to pinpoint where adjustments are needed?
  • Enjoy a personalized meal plan or nutrition program created just for you.
  • Receive a program that teaches about nutrition facts labels, correct serving sizes & food portions, how to cope with cravings & more.
  • Acquire practical tips for eating healthy when working remotely or for a busy lifestyle.
  • Collect tips & ideas for simple, healthy snacks & meals that you can bring to work.
  • Uncover strategies to help you eat healthy when traveling or on the go.
  • Get professional advice on the best pre-and post-workout meals & snacks.
  • Receive advice on how to select healthier food options at restaurants & when ordering take-out food.
  • Obtain suggestions for healthier food substitutions & recipes.
  • Receive guidance, coaching & accountability. Avoid common pitfalls, manage challenging situations, change self-defeating behavior and grow confidence.
The services of CAHN-Pro members may be covered by these insurance companies:
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Claim Secure
  • DiBrina Sure Group
  • Johnson Insurance
  • Manulife
  • Great West
Please note
For CAHN-Pro member’s services to be covered, the employer must have included nutrition in the services they allow for their employees.
Most insurance companies require verification of CAHN-Pro membership for services to be covered.
Specific coverage may vary based on the client’s package.