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How many times have we heard crappy things about menopause, and all the pesky symptoms that go along with it. 


WAY to many!!! 


I have a solution lets run through the basics to get a general understanding. 

Menopause is described as a point in time when a woman’s last period was 12 months ago. The typical age for this is between 45-55 on average . Some women may start earlier and some may start later.


The most common menopause symptoms are hot flashes, bladder control, sleep disturbances, virginal dryness, mood changes, increased weight that is stubborn to loose . 

Ummmm No thanks, I think ill pass !


Why focus on gut health then hormones? 

The reproductive system relies on the cardio, nervous, and endocrine systems to be functioning properly and all of these systems rely on our gut to provide the nutrients to them to function normally.


So supporting your gut will allow the body to create and excrete these hormone more efficiently during this time. 


What are our hormones doing? 


Your estrogen and progesterone decrease over the time of menopause as the ovaries stop making estrogen, and progesterone . The adrenals will still secret these but with ovaries not doing that anymore this will put increased pressure on your adrenals ( keep with me we will talk about supporting them through this phase) Estrogen is also involved in the metabolism of glucose, helping to optimize the actions of insulin. So low estrogen or the decrease in production that is happing during menopause can impaire our blood sugars or insulin sensitivity. So when the ovaries stop producing and the adrenals need to pick up production and the adrenals are the glands that regulate our metabolism, b/p, and electrolyte balance, they also produce estrogen and progesterone and can become fatigued pretty easily especially in this day and age of high stress life styles ( they are the operator of the stress hormones too ) . Since these guys are making the progesterone and estrogen we need while the ovaries stop we wanna make sue they aren't to tired to do so or this will worsen your menopause symptoms. 


Some of the things we regularly consume can be exasperating these symptoms. The most common culprits are sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods. 

..... Well crap. 


What can we do? 


Foods that will decrease your symptoms are liver supporting foods like cruciferous vegetables, this will help the liver detox the excess or utilize Estrogen instead of recirculating it into the system. Soluble fiber sources like oats, peas, beans, apples, carrots, and citrus fruits will help by keeping the blood sugars more balanced.improve your insulin management by eating balanced meals and snacks, always try to keep it protein, fat, carb. This doesn't have to be complicated, it can be simple like raspberries and almonds throw in a little dark chocolate.

Okay now we're talking :) 

I am currently offering my 4 week menopause meal plan, you can head or click the link below to get signed up. The menopause meal plan is a 4 week program with a menu and grocery list to make things just a bit easier. Symptom improvement has been noted in as little as 1 week. This program will give you the foundation of what your body needs during this shift in hormones to ensure you're supporting your body correctly. The program includes 3 meals and 1 snack daily , don't worry though there are repeats and left overs so you're not spending all your time in the kitchen and you can enjoy this new found symptom free lifestyle. Once subscribed to the program you will also be enrolled in my fullscript to have access to the supplements I typically recommend to my clients during this phase. This will take all the fussing out of whether or not you are buying quality supplements. 



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