Top Four Things To Look For When Hiring A Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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Food provides the necessary energy for our bodies to function daily and also consistently supplies certain nutrients essential for building and regenerating body tissue, bone, muscle, fat, and blood. The quality of nutrients we eat determines the value of our body’s performance and the quality of life we enjoy. On the whole, nutrition is essential to any care plan.

While the process of eating and its effect on our body is a complex science, a holistic nutritionist can help with your nutrition needs and establish great eating habits. 

A registered holistic nutritionist is someone who possesses knowledge in the subject of natural nutrition and complementary practices. These professionals help access the body’s natural tendency to recover and restore itself to a healthy and nourished state. By prioritizing nutrition and eating according to the body’s needs at a cellular level, we can see monumental improvements in our energy levels and quality of life. However, not all registered holistic nutritionists are the same, and so you need to find the best one for your tailored needs. 

To make this process easy for you, here’s a list of the top four things to look for when hiring a registered holistic nutritionist.

1. Specialty and approach
Found a good registered holistic nutritionist? Great! Please check if their specific niche addresses your tailored needs. Based on your specific goals, the holistic nutrition expert will inspire and motivate you to get there. They will guide you on how the body uses food and how to supply it with the nutrients needed to keep the body functioning at optimum levels. For example, if you’re overeating out of stress, the registered holistic nutritionist can show you how to manage this issue and stick to your diet.

2. Education credentials
As is the case with any professional, the education credentials tell you whether or not the individual is trained in a particular subject and certified by the concerned government body to be allowed to practice the said subject of expertise. Verifying this crucial piece of information adds a sense of assurance of you being in the hands of someone who ‘knows their stuff. While at it, also run a quick internet scan for their reviews.

3. Recommendations
Recommendations are a testament to the quality of a professional’s work and its ethics. Before hiring a registered holistic nutritionist, request to talk to their previous clients to verify their degree of professionalism. By doing so, you may also come across any problems or issues clients may have faced with the professional in question. The recommendations of the holistic nutritionist will also help you assess their credibility.

4. Knowledge-based protocols
In the field of food and nutrition, paying meticulous attention to detail is essential. The registered holistic nutritionist you’re working with should listen carefully to the details of what you are going through and address those concerns using the appropriate knowledge-based protocol. This will prove instrumental in helping them develop plans for you that will adequately address your specific concerns. A qualified holistic nutritionist is trained to assess and identify any prevalent nutritional imbalances and develop tailored nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement protocols that can help restore your body to proper balance, resulting in optimal health.

If you’re looking for a registered holistic nutritionist in Peterborough, Ontario, reach out to Katie Van Gilst. I’m a mom, nutritionist, and nurse who loves good wholesome food. I am fired up and passionately motivated to help women live their best and healthiest lives possible, and I’m literally living my dream job assisting women to do just that. If you’re looking to get pregnant, just had a baby, are hitting menopause, or just feeling more sluggish than usual, let’s take a look at that. My mission is to provide evidence-based wellness protocols for women within the context of a supportive, encouraging, welcoming, and incredible community of like-minded ladies. I offer birth control meal programs, menopause programs, lifestyle coaching, health supplements, and more.

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